Sep 122012

Yoga makes life better.  Everyone who practices yoga on a regular basis knows that it is a magical thing that can make everything about your life better.

Helping others also makes one’s life better.  When we put our focus outward on others, we change perspective and forget to feel so sorry for ourselves, and in return we feel happier- lighter.

Shopping doesn’t really “help others”, in fact it tends to simply “help ourselves” -making us feel good at the time… but never leading to a sense of contentment and bliss.

But today, after purchasing a few things a the thrifty shop this afternoon, I noticed that I actually left the store feeling like I did something good.

Usually after I’ve spent money on something I feel heavy and guilty( and broke)… but I spent $10, and walked away with a fall hat, a long sleeve shirt for my 1 1/2 year old daughter, a few very well loved books, and a naked barbie (which Lily wasn’t going to part with).  Oh, and a gently used kid backpack with a broken snap.

And what I felt was a sense that I was not terrorizing the Earth with more stuff that I was going to pack into our home,into our drawers,  while discarding with ease the items that were replaced by these new goods.  Instead, I felt like, I gave these items new life and  the money even went to support a local alternative high school.  I spent less, gave more and in the end, felt absolutely NO buyers remorse (which is typical after a shopping spree of mine).

So, next time you are thinking you NEED something… possibly take a look at a thrifty shop…. it’s a good way to honor the Earth, to help others (many thrift shops are non profit or go to a good cause), and to feel good about reusing what others felt was good enough to pass along instead of throw in the trash!

Hat and Bag

Reuse and Recycle

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