Dec 052012

One of the pillars of a yoga practice, is to live a spiritual life, one of compassion and love.  Seva is loosely translated as giving selfless service.  When we think of others, we once again get out of our “minds” and into our hearts and that is where God is.  And as I see it, the goal of yoga is to help bring you closer to God or your divine nature.

A Seva practice can be many different kinds of service– small things, big things, selfless things.

If you want to seek out some concrete volunteer opportunities for you to create more Seva in your life… here are a few links that I found in my Parent’s Magazine:

Packed with suggestions for volunteering with your family whether you have five minutes or five hours

New ideas for age-appropriate, kid-tested projects posted daily

Plug in your zip code to see where your town could use a helping hand.

Helping families and children in need, from sending a birthday party in a box, to organizing a book drive.

Dec 032012

I recently read an article in the Boston Globe about how Norwich University is doing a study on how Transcendental Meditation is helping alleviate stress for Military Personnel.  While the study/program is catching some flack with disbelievers in the Military, the Cadets seem to be showing concrete evidence of reduced stress and increased strength and stamina in military activities.  The article pointed out the obvious elephant in the room, that although meditation is assumed to only be for “hippies” and Easterners, it can also be practiced by conservatives who may not consider themselves “yogis” but would like to benefit from the practice all the same.

It’s a great article to read if you sign up for the Boston Globe online.  Here is the link.

Otherwise, here’s a link to a clip from CNN

I’m happy to hear that our soldiers are getting some stress relief and I think meditation is an EXCELLENT way to help them through all that they have to deal with especially those suffering from PTSD

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