Feb 142013

I think sometimes we forget the most important thing about LOVE– Acceptance.Heart

In a society full of comparisons, competition and ego– we can easily fall into the trap of loving conditionally.  Since no one is “perfect”, in our culture, everyone has their “strengths” and “weaknesses”.  It the ultimate challenge to LOVE someone without judgement– with complete acceptance– for all their wonderful qualities (most especially) and for all of their quirks and challenging qualities.

This ALSO MEANS YOU NEED TO LOVE YOURSELF this way too!  We tend to have unrealistic expectations and extreme judgement of ourselves– it is hard to simply love and accept who we are– all the good and the “bad”.

One way to LOVE yourself is to BE KIND to your body.  Sit down, take a few big cleansing breaths, and then put your hand on your shoulder/neck and rub, squeeze, massage love and kindness into that shoulder.  If you have time, continue on to the hands, giving each finger individual attention, and pushing, kneeding into the palm of your hand.  Finish up with a great foot massage.  Include some great oil like sesame or almond oil– and let the smell get into your senses and feel PLEASURE– because YOU DESERVE it and your body deserves the kindness (it works hard for you!!).

If you can’t do this for yourself.  Take some time to sit down and think about all the wonderful qualities that make you -you. How would your mother describe you?  How would your best friend describe you?  Can you love yourself the way that they do?  Why do you need to be more than who you are? Start loving yourself NOW- don’t wait until tomorrow or until you can see a counselor.  Give yourself the gift of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

Om Shanti- Kelly

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