Mar 052013

WaterSometimes when I think I’m having a terrible day because I’m tired and can’t seem to get out of the Funk, I remember to take a big glass of water and mindfully gulp it down.  Most of the time I realize I was thirsty… and my body thanks me with renewed energy– and that’s when I wonder why I don’t remember more often how important hydration is to the body.  It’s SO SIMPLE!  and can have a HUGE impact on how you feel!

When you are dehydrated, your blood volume begins to drop, your body may restrict blood flow to less “important” areas of the body and your respiratory rate starts to drop*.  These are not good things!  They can make you feel fatigues, foggy and overall terrible! Not to mention that the body get rid of waste by using water.

The last thing I’ll say about water is that we should take some time out to have immense gratitude for the fact that we have VERY easy access to clean drinking water.

Take some time out of your day, drink a tall glass of refreshing H2O and be thankful  and you nourish your body with this simple compound (the chemistry teacher is coming out…)

*I stole this from “Painful Yarns” by Lorimer Moseley– my favorite authority on Pain.

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