Mar 282013

Spring FlowersYesterday was  a gorgeous day– I know the warm wonderful weather is coming! It’s so nice to get outside and feel the change in the air after a long winter…

Another way to shake off the winter blues is to do a little yoga practice everyday… even if it’s just in the bathroom after you brush your teeth– a few stretches and breathing a long inhale and exhale a few times.

And, if you are ready to make changes to your diet that are pro-active- amping up your immune system and actively working to ward off cancer…  is Eat more LEAFY GREENS-
There is a great book called Green for Life and it tells of all the great benefits to eating more (like a whole head or bunch a day) leafy greens.
And the easiest way to do this is to make a green smoothie each day (it’s a great morning to afternoon drink to sip on)
The greens bring the SUNSHINE straight to your organs and blood and make you healthy from the inside out.

My favorite green smoothie recipe:
A whole bunch of baby spinach
a handful or less of baby arugula
1 cup mango juice (I get the Bolthouse farms– but you could also put in frozen mango)
1-2 bananas (you can also freeze old bananas and stick these in whenever you make a smoothie)
1 cup water

Sometimes I add an apple or a kiwi or I change up the greens…. I like romaine or the mixed greens (that come pre-packaged).
I’ve tried Dandelion and also beet leaves and mustard greens and parsley too– but that’s getting wild, so start off slowly and make sure you like it so that you want it
everyday or every other day at least!

That’s all for now!
Peace and Namaste!
:) Kelly

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