May 172013

Students ask me all the time, “How many times a week should I be practicing yoga?”.  It’s a complicated question…. with an easy answer… or is it a simple question with a complex answer…

What I say is to work on practicing yoga on a daily basis.  I’m not talking about going to yoga class for an hour or more a day… I’m talking about being mindful in the morning, taking some deep breaths, listening to your body and stretching in ways that help you warm up and feel more alive.  Yoga is a discipline that we should use as a tool to keep our bodies toned and our minds quiet, and if you only do this twice a week… it’s not going to cause much change in your life.  But if you look at it as a daily practice (even for 5 minutes– or how about every time you need it during the day… this could turn out to be a LOT of yoga!), then you aren’t under any pressure to get your two or three yoga classes in a week.  There is no chance to feel badly about yourself.  But if you do want to make yoga class a GOAL.  Try three times a week… but make sure you do your home (or office) yoga practice on a daily basis.

Sometimes yoga practice can just simply be taking some time out and regulating your breath. Like I have said before… yoga is mostly about mind control.  If you can take your awareness out of that busy mind, and put it IN your body, you will quiet your nervous system and MAGICALLY start to feel better, more calm, more at peace.

Peace and Namaste!

Daily Yoga Practice

Daily Yoga Practice

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May 142013

Please Join Us!

Sundays 9-10 am

Sundays 9-10 am

Help raise money for a GREAT CAUSE– EDUCATION!!- And practice yoga with friends and family this summer!

Sundays this Summer, the Community with gather together in the great outdoors to practice (and learn) yoga together!NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY!
Bring a yoga mat or towel and a SMILE!

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SUNDAYS 9-10am
June 23-September 8

FREE YOGA– but in gratitude, we ask for a donation that will be collected and distributed to two Scholarship Funds for Youth extracurricular activities (through the Dedham Community House and Dedham Parks and Rec) and another worthy cause– the Children’s Literacy Initiative.

Dedham Community House
Dedham Parks and Rec
Kelly Western Yoga
Yoga Now
Stil Yoga Studio
And other guest Yoga Teachers

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