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Hands of the poorA New Year’s Resolution…
I just read an article listing 10 charities that help hungry and homeless (children and adults).

Some of these charities only need $1 to help make a difference.
It inspired me to think that no donation is too little… so I donated my first $25 to a worthy cause and RESOLVED to send $25 per month to different charities that help people in need.

Here is the list of charities (taken from Parents Magazing December issue)

1.  Children’s Health Fund runs 50 mobile clinics in a “big blue bus”and has more than 200 health care centers for low-income households.  Reaches more than 350,000 poor and homeless children to date.  $25 gets three babies essential immunizations

2.  Save the Children has been helping needy children since the Great Depression! It’s first huge contribution was the hot lunch program for hungry school children in Kentucky.  This inspired the Federal School-Lunch program.  Today this organization is in 120 countries around the world.  For less than $1 per day you can sponsor an American child, corresponding via regular updates while providing early education opportunities, nutrition and school health

3.  Share our Strength helps focus on kids in America who are still going hungry even though we have many programs to help feed them.  This program helps to connect children with school breakfast programs and is also helping to develop programs such as giving teachers a grab and snack options to hand out in the classroom.  A $1 DONATION WILL HELP CONNECT A CHILD IN NEED WITH UP TO 10 MEALS!

4.  Feeding America uses programs like Kids Cafe to help feed kids a healthy meal or snack afterschool.  Kids Cafe distributes nearly 3.4 billion pounds of food to 37 million Americans annually through food banks and food-assistance programs.  $1 donation provides 9 MEALS!

5.  Playworks this organization works to make recess fun and safe for kids in low-income urban schools.  In too many of these settings, playgrounds get overrun with fights.  Playworks combats this by offering a full time coach to organize games at recess.  Kids stay active and also learn conflict resolution. $35 pays for balls and cones for one school.

6.  Children’s Defense Fund has been around for 40 years.  This fund helps to support programs such as Children’s Health Insurance Program as well as Head Start and Early Head Start.  It also develops after school and summer programs designed to help foster a love of reading, build self-esteem, and engage in community service. $25 gets a Freedom Schools book and teaching materials to one child.

7.  JumpStart has been around for 20 years and works in 76 cities across 14 states.  Members work with kids to help them read and improve vocabulary, and learn letters, numbers, colors, and shapes.  $25 supplies a year worth of crayons and paper for one classroom

8. Harlem Children’s Zone has been working since 1970 to end the cycle of poverty in the 97-block area of Harlem.  They have two private charter schools and run various health and social-service programs. $50 gives supplies to elementary-school classroom

9.  Oh I’ve lost the last page of the article with the last two charities… but here’s some that I think are worth giving to:

Sierra Club -right now you can become a member for $15.  I just read that Environmental Clubs like the Sierra Club are now out weighing the oil and gas lobby with more power and $$~!! Way to GO!  Yay for the Environment!
Project Hope is a charity that helps homeless women and children in Boston get a chance at a better life.  My friend Cyndi is raising money for this cause and is also running the Boston Marathon in 2014 to raise awareness and $ for them.  You can donate on the link posted here.

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