Jan 032014

Meditation is hard for several reasons.  Number one, we are not trained to sit quietly.  We are trained since birth to look and explore and accomplish things.  As we get older we are told that success is measured by how much money you make, and how many new things you acquire.  Sitting still is basically “wasting time” right? Time that could be spend accomplishing things.

When we do hMeditation pictureave “down time” we turn to email or social media, t.v. or even radio to fill the silence.

“Ok” you say? “I’ll learn how to be silent and quiet; I can do this.”   Then you sit down to meditate  and immediately you start to think about that conversation that you had last night with your spouse.  You got defensive, you snapped at him and made him feel badly about something that shouldn’t probably have been an issue.  Why can’t you just keep yourself in check and You know you hurt his feelings but you were trying to explain to him that you were feeling hurt also.  Herein lies the hardest part to meditation…. clearing out your demons, that energy of hurt or anger or frustration or fear that we harbor inside when things in our lives aren’t at peace.

I think it is Iyengar who says that you can’t just practice one limb of yoga… you have to practice all of them. Living right- following the Yamas and Niyamas is an important part to the Whole of a Yoga Practice.
Just as practicing the Yoga Asanas helps you to sit more comfortably in meditation, and Pranayama practice helps you to breath more steadily and focused, the Yamas and Niyamas help to guide your life so that you aren’t harboring pain or sadness or fear from the way you are living your life.

This happens to me often when I start to meditate… things come up that I haven’t resolved.  I think it is best to not fight it -not try to ignore it just so you can say you meditated (there’s that pesky ego).  But to acknowledge it, to work through it and maybe even to write about it or do something to resolve it….?  When you have cleared that bad energy or made peace with the people that have hurt you or that you have hurt…. you can sit once again in stillness and begin to really enjoy the energy of meditation.

Peace and Namaste.  Happy Meditating!