Sep 152012

About twice a year I lead a 4-6 week detox and yoga program that helps people reset their lives and refocus on what is important to them. I mostly stress that your health should be the number one priority every day.  If we don’t start the day off feeling good, how are we going to accomplish all the things we need to do that day as well as find our inner peace and happiness?

This is the reason I give for doing a daily yoga asana practice every morning.  After teaching 5,000+ yoga classes, I’ve seen A LOT of people go from tired and cranky before yoga class, to blissed out and ready for the day after the class is over.  People are always pointing out how great they feel and why don’t they do this EVERYDAY? 

I don’t know– why don’t they do it every day?  We brush our teeth every morning because if we didn’t, we would have yuck mouth and feel gross the rest of the day (not to mention the risk of tooth decay).  We brush our hair and put on clothes to make us feel good.  How long does it take YOU to get ready in the morning?  Have you ever considered that just 5 more minutes in your morning routine (that’s right!  just a 5 minute yoga practice), can change your WHOLE day?  Try it… what do you have to lose….5 minutes?

You will start the day feeling great and thus everything else that comes your way will be seen in a different light.

Daily Yoga Practice

Daily Yoga Practice

What’s the magic behind it all?  It has to do with the nervous system.  Have you ever considered why a big stretch in the morning feels so good and so natural?  It’s your body telling you it wants to, it needs to, stretch out.  Consider how you feel after a long car ride.  Your body hasn’t moved for hours… you feel stale and sore and tired.  Why should you feel tired after sitting in a car for hours?  Because the energy in your body has gotten sticky (odic), and your nerves are stuck and all kinked up.  When you stretch out (or practice yoga), you make the energy change to active, light (actinic) energy, and your nerves stretch out and the electrical impulses that control our bodily functions work better– and poof- it’s magic- you FEEL great!

So try it out!  Don’t set unrealistic goals, just start with 5 minutes a day (you can do more yoga in your yoga classes– but start a daily practice on your own).  Choose the5  best poses that feel good to your body, do 3-5 sun salutations to warm up and open up your whole body.  And finally, spend a minute or two in the final resting pose, Svasana, focusing on your breath and challenging yourself to quiet the mind and not get pulled into thinking about your day…. it’s challenging!  But YOU CAN DO IT!

Peace and Namaste!