Mar 282013

Spring FlowersYesterday was  a gorgeous day– I know the warm wonderful weather is coming! It’s so nice to get outside and feel the change in the air after a long winter…

Another way to shake off the winter blues is to do a little yoga practice everyday… even if it’s just in the bathroom after you brush your teeth– a few stretches and breathing a long inhale and exhale a few times.

And, if you are ready to make changes to your diet that are pro-active- amping up your immune system and actively working to ward off cancer…  is Eat more LEAFY GREENS-
There is a great book called Green for Life and it tells of all the great benefits to eating more (like a whole head or bunch a day) leafy greens.
And the easiest way to do this is to make a green smoothie each day (it’s a great morning to afternoon drink to sip on)
The greens bring the SUNSHINE straight to your organs and blood and make you healthy from the inside out.

My favorite green smoothie recipe:
A whole bunch of baby spinach
a handful or less of baby arugula
1 cup mango juice (I get the Bolthouse farms– but you could also put in frozen mango)
1-2 bananas (you can also freeze old bananas and stick these in whenever you make a smoothie)
1 cup water

Sometimes I add an apple or a kiwi or I change up the greens…. I like romaine or the mixed greens (that come pre-packaged).
I’ve tried Dandelion and also beet leaves and mustard greens and parsley too– but that’s getting wild, so start off slowly and make sure you like it so that you want it
everyday or every other day at least!

That’s all for now!
Peace and Namaste!
:) Kelly

Jan 292013

Chanting is a special part of yoga. If you want to begin to learn to chant, check out this beautiful CD by Deva Premal called “Mantras for Precarious Times”. It is a compilation of her chanting specific mantras, such as Om Gam Ganapatayei Namaha, which is a prayer to Ganesha for the removal of obstacles from your life. She chants each mantra for 108 times (which is nice –that way you don’t get off count). 108 is the sacred number of times that you chant a mantra for it to become sort of vibrationally embedded into your body and spirit and reach out to the spirit of the one you are chanting to (my loose explanation). The important part is to have the right intention when you chant. As you chant, sit in a seated cross leg position, feel it in your heart, let the vibrations resonate in your body and especially your head, and picture that which you are chanting for- such as peace for all beings– really see it in your mind.
It’s not easy to chant– just like meditation, it take concentration! But it’s a beautiful practice. Check out this CD if you are a beginner and want to bring mantras into your life.

Deva Premal's Mantras for Precarious Times

Deva Premal’s Mantras for Precarious Times

Dec 052012

One of the pillars of a yoga practice, is to live a spiritual life, one of compassion and love.  Seva is loosely translated as giving selfless service.  When we think of others, we once again get out of our “minds” and into our hearts and that is where God is.  And as I see it, the goal of yoga is to help bring you closer to God or your divine nature.

A Seva practice can be many different kinds of service– small things, big things, selfless things.

If you want to seek out some concrete volunteer opportunities for you to create more Seva in your life… here are a few links that I found in my Parent’s Magazine:

Packed with suggestions for volunteering with your family whether you have five minutes or five hours

New ideas for age-appropriate, kid-tested projects posted daily

Plug in your zip code to see where your town could use a helping hand.

Helping families and children in need, from sending a birthday party in a box, to organizing a book drive.